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January 19, 2017

Wyoming is basically trying to outlaw clean energy

Wyoming is basically trying to outlaw clean energy

Solar and wind would be penalized under proposed law

3 weird ways we can remotely control animals and bacteria

A zap of electricity can make E. coli swim

Please, please prescribe me gluten-free food

The U.K.’s prescription system might be confusing, but I want it anyway

Why are scientists so obsessed with studying zombies?

Just because zombies aren’t real doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them

China's new aircraft carrier hints at the future of its navy

The Liaoning carried at least 3 helicopters, 8 fighters, 3 destroyers, 2 frigates, and a refueling ship

Amazon India's first big sale of the year starts tomorrow: Here's what you can expect

Even if bargains on retail outlets this sale season were a letdown, shoppers may still have reason to celebrate. Amazon India's first online sale for the new year promises a host of deals including cashbacks and discounts in a wide range of categories.

To be held between January 20 and 22, the 'Great Indian Sale' will provide offers on consumer electronics, fashion, home & kitchen as well as daily essentials. Some of the discounts that consumers can avail of include a minimum 50% off on brands like American Tourister and Puma and up to 50% off on Vero Moda and Hidesign, as listed on its website. Books, movies and music will also be available on purchase at discounts as steep as 80%.

In bid to increase cashless transactions, this will also be the first time Amazon India will aggressively push its Amazon Pay Balance feature that it launched in December.

According to Amazon, the feature helps customers store balances for essential items and solves the pain point of tendering exact amount of cash at the time of delivery during Cash-on-delivery option. Amazon does not have a wallet-based payment service and this feature is expected to help customers when cash is still in shortage. The option is, however, limited to Amazon-based transactions.

The Great Indian Sale will also provide special privileges for Prime members who can enjoy free one to two-day deliveries. Furthermore, Prime members will also get access to top deals 30 minutes before non-Prime members as well.

Amazon has also partnered with to send 10 lucky app-using couples to an all-expense paid trip to Europe. 10 lucky users will also stand a chance to win one Renault Kwid car each during the sale season.

Amazon's Great Indian Sale comes weeks after Flipkart's Myntra wrapped up its 'End of Reason' Sale on January 5.

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Total Credit Earned Rs 400  

Government may lower limit for quoting PAN number for cash transac

Unwilling to lose the momentum it gained for a less-cash economy after demonetisation and restrictions on cash withdrawals, the government may announce big disincentives in the upcoming Budget for usage of cash.

Sources revealed to ET Now that the upcoming budget could come up with a series of such big disincentives.

The government may reduce threshold for quoting PAN card for cash transactions, say sources.

The threshold, which is Rs 50,000 now, may be bro ..

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Government to introduce Aadhaar-based digital payment soon: Ravi Shankar Prasad

After the demonetisation of high value currency and its subsequent digital push, the government is now going to introduce a new Aadhaar-based digital payment system for the common man soon, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said here on Thursday.

This unique payment initiative will be based on the thumb impression, verified through the Aadhaar identification for safety and security of the easier payment system for the common man, Prasad said while addressing the second edition of the  ..

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Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

National Career Service (NCS) is a unique initiative launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. NCS is conceived with the intent of providing holistic career services to the Indian population by providing a pan-India, cohesive, easily accessible, platform that brings the varied needs of the modern jobseeker under one roof. The NCS also provides career guidance and facilitates employment for individuals regardless of what stage of their career they may be in.
Young Professionals programme:
The Government of India is looking for highly qualified candidates who are ready to develop their professional careers as motivated and futuristic individuals who can successfully drive, achieve and sustain the objectives of the National Career Service
This Young Professional allocation seeks to utilize the knowledge, energy and fresh way of thinking of the young social leaders to help better transform the emerging landscape of employment services and career counselling in India
It is planned that each Model Career Centre will have one Young Professional designated on-site for a span of three years
1. Role and Responsibilities - Young Professionals
The Young Professionals scope of work shall include, but not be limited to:
a)      Facilitating smooth and efficient working of Model Career Centres
b)      Promotion of National Career Services portal for multiple stakeholders
c)       Facilitating the transition of employment exchanges into career centres by actively engaging in capacity building, branding and training on National Career Services project
d)      Supporting State Governments and institutions in replicating this model in other centres
e)      Preparing regular reports on performance indicators, to be shared with DGE
f)     Identifying best practices and pain areas/bottlenecks in implementing DGE schemes and in the collaboration with National Career Services project
g)      Coordinating outreach activities in schools/colleges and conducting job-fairs including interaction with academia, local industry, manufacturing associations, training providers, counsellors and others
h) Plan, organize, develop and implement career events and publications to publicize Career Centre services, resources and speaker programs

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

i) Maintain lists and bulletins concerning jobs and mapping the required skills with the resource pool; provide information concerning the industry job trends across the country and assistance in the enhancement of the skills in a candidate
j) Conducting research and market analysis to create intelligence for better performance of Model Career Centres
k)     Regular interaction with DGE for Model Career Centre monitoring
l) Prepare a wide variety of manual and electronic reports and materials (e.g. program mandated, brochures, mailers, etc.) for the purpose of communicating with staff, students and other stakeholders, and complying with program requirements.
m) Working under supervision of MCC nodal officer using standardized practices and/or methods; directing other persons within a small work unit and operating within a defined budget
n) Perform other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit at the Model Career Centres
2. Eligibility Criteria
2.1 Academic
a)      Minimum Qualification Criteria - The candidate should either have a Bachelors degree (B.A/B.E/ B.Tech /B.Ed) with at least 4 years of experience and/or a Masters Degree (MBA/ Masters in Economics/ Psychology/ Sociology/ Operations Research/ Statistics/ Social Work/ Management/ Finance/ Commerce/ Computer Applications etc.) with at least 2 years of experience
b)      All the above stated degrees need to be UGC, AICTE etc. recognized.
c)       Candidate must have obtained minimum of 50% marks in 10th, 12th and Graduation
2.2 General
a)      Apart from proficiency in English language (mandatory), the candidate should be proficient in at least 1 other languages Hindi/any Regional language (Reading, writing and speaking proficiency).
b)      The Candidate should be willing to relocate within the country.
c)       Candidates with experience in the areas of HR, Management, Analytics, and Psychology etc. shall be preferred.
d)      The candidate should be between the age of 24 to 40 years as on 01st March 2017
e)      Candidate should have strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills (Basic knowledge of MS Office)
f)     Work experience gained on a part time basis or while pursuing a course, as part of curriculum or otherwise will   not be considered

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

g)      Only experience gained from a registered establishment shall be considered
2.3 Preferred skills:
a)      Candidate should have an ability to take initiative to make things happen
b)      Should be skilful / tactful to work and navigate their way through a challenging environment of the Government system
c)       Passion for helping others would be an advantage
d)      Ability to inspire confidence in the job seekers
e)      Ability to respond effectively to the needs of both, the employers and the job seekers.
f)     Should be able to Work under limited supervision using standardized practices and/or methods
3. Vacancies & Selection Process
a)   There are around 40 positions currently designated for young professionals to be
deployed across the country
b)   The recruitment process comprises a 2 stage selection process. Stage 1 includes
shortlisting of the candidates based on the information provided and, while Stage 2
shall consist of a personal interview, GD, IT literacy test for shortlisted candidates (not
necessarily in that order)
4. Career Centre Locations
Till date 103 Model Career Centres have been identified by DGE. This figure is expected to progressively increase as the NCS Project gains momentum
The applicants may indicate their preference for place of posting by choosing the states given below:

Andhra Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh

DGE   will   consider   the   location   preference   indicated   by   the   candidate   however   the   final decision regarding the location of posting lies with DGE. The candidates may be posted in any

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

of the Model Career Centres. DGE may also decide to position the candidates at another location till such time the Model Career Centres are ready
5. Remuneration
5.1   Monthly Remuneration: The consolidated remuneration shall be INR. 40,000 per month
5.2   Local Conveyance: An additional amount of INR 1500 per month shall be paid as local conveyance to the candidate. The travelling expenses for appearing in the interview shall be borne by the candidate - DGE will not be liable to pay for the same
5.3   Terms & Conditions:
a) The candidates applying for the post should ensure that they fulfil all eligibility conditions. The application submitted by the candidates, regardless of the application stage will be provisional subject to meeting the prescribed eligibility conditions
b)    The DGE will take up verification of eligibility conditions with reference to original documents at any stage of the selection process
c)    DGE will take into account the location preference indicated by the candidate, however the final decision regarding location allocation will lie with DGE. Selected candidates may be posted anywhere within the country
d)    Initial contract will be for a period of 1 year extendable to maximum of 3 years
e)    In case the YP is required to undertake journey to other cities/locations, the travelling expenditure will be governed by respective State Government rules
f)   This contract is not a promise of a permanent job, and therefore should in NO way consider this contract promise for a permanent government job

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

Important Instructions to fill Online Application Form
1. Basic Instructions
A. To initiate the application, applicants must register themselves on, as a job seeker. Once registered, the applicant has to note down the NCS ID which will be duly required to complete the application form.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Registration on National Career Services: Applicants must register themselves on, as a job seeker.
Write Down NCS ID: Once registered, the applicant has to note down the NCS ID which will be required to complete the actual application form on
Filling Up of Online Application Form: The applicants will have to visit and fill in the online application form to complete the application process after they obtain their NCS ID

(If one is not able to access the link from here, kindly copy paste the URL link in the browser)
The job posting by CIRTES on NCS portal for applicants to apply, will remain active up to 10:00 PM on 13th February 2017 after which the posting will be closed and no further applications will be accepted.
B. Detailed instructions are given below. Applicant should read the instructions
carefully before making any entry or selecting options. Applicant should supply all
the required details while filling up the online form. Mandatory fields are marked
with * (asterisk) sign.
C. Before filling up the form applicants are advised to go through the Eligibility
Criteria document available at the top right of the form.
D. Applicants are advised to keep all relevant documents (Educational Certificate
etc.) and a digital photograph ready before starting with the form filling process.
Images to be uploaded should be only in JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF format of size not
exceeding 100 kb.
E. Spaces/Fields in online application form are of two types One, in which the
applicant can enter the information manually, and another, in which the applicant
can select one of the options from either Drop Down box or multiple options from
a check box.

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

F.  Applicants are advised to go through the contents of the Declaration mentioned at
the end of the page carefully and tick on the check box if he/she agrees with the
contents of Declaration.
G. After the submission of the form the system provides the Application Reference
Number. Applicant is advised to note down the Application Reference Number
along with NCS ID for future correspondence.
2. Detailed Instructions
A. Full Name of Applicant & Full Name of Applicants Father: As it appears on
Certificate(s). Mismatch in spelling may disqualify his/her candidature. Candidates
are requested to not use prefixes like Shri, Smt., Mrs., Kumari, Dr., etc.
B. NCS ID: As received after registering as a job seeker with the NCS portal
C. Date of Birth: Click on the field for the calendar to appear, select date of birth
from the calendar as per Secondary/Sr. Secondary Exam Certificate.
D. Gender: Applicant is required to click on the relevant option from the drop down
E. Upload photograph: The Applicant is required to upload the image of a recent
Photograph. If the applicant is not satisfied with the uploaded image he/she may
click again on
choose file tab under the upload passport sized photograph
section. Images to be uploaded should be only in JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF format of size
not exceeding 100 kb.
F.  Mailing & Permanent Address: Here system asks for applicants contact details
that is complete address, Zip/pin code etc. In case mailing address and permanent
address of the applicant is the same, he/she is required to enter it again.
G. Mobile number: 10 digit mobile number is required to be entered. Do not use
prefix +91 as +91-8765467867.
H. Academic Details: Here system asks for details of educational qualification(s). Applicant should fill his/her educational qualification as per columns. Applicants who are awarded CGPA points, should convert these into equivalent percentage values based on their university conversion charts.
I. Work description: Applicant is required to provide information on employment/experience    he/she    possess    and    is    relevant    for    the    post.    Work

Ministry of Labour and Employment

Recruitment of Young Professionals - 2017

Description needs to be filled as per columns and be listed from most recent to first work experience. In case an applicant is presently employed at the mentioned position, he/she should put current date in the to column.
J. Languages Known: Here system asks for the information on the languages known, proficiency in English language is mandatory. In case an applicant has knowledge of languages other than Hindi or has a knowledge in addition to language Hindi he/she is required to fill in the others textbox and mark the corresponding check boxes.
K. No of years of Experience: Applicant is required select the relevant number of work experience in years and months from the drop down box.
L. Professional Qualification/Certifications acquired: Information on applicants professional qualification(s)/certifications needs to be filled as per columns. Please mention the expiry date of this Professional Certification if any. If the certification does not expire over time please mention 'Not Applicable'.
M. Computer Proficiency: Applicant is required to check the relevant multi selection check boxes.
N. Statement of Purpose: Details as to why the applicant wants to join the National Career Service's Young Professional Program is to be provided. Please fill this is not more than 500 words.
O. Location Preference for Interview: The applicants will have to indicate their interview location preference by selecting the relevant option from the drop down box.
P. Deployment Location Preference: The applicants will have to indicate their preferences for place of posting from the drop down box. DGE will take into account the location preference indicated by the applicant however the final decision regarding location allocation will lie with Directorate General of Employment. The candidates may be posted in any of the MCCs.
Q. References: Name, Address and contact Number of at least one of the References with whom the applicant has worked/undertaken projects/research is to be provided here.

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