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June 01, 2017

Super Value Day | Up to Rs.1,200 back on everyday essentials

Super Value Day - Up to Rs 1200 back as Amazon Pay balance on your Monthly Shopping

Cooking Essentials and Grocery See more

Up to 45% off<br>Oils

Up to 45% off

Up to 15% off<br> Pastas & Noodles

Up to 15% off
Pastas & Noodles

10% off or more <br>Staples

10% off or more 

Special offer packs

Special offer packs

Foods, Snacks & Beverages See more

Up to 30% off<br> Teas

Up to 30% off

Up to 30% off<br> Coffees

Up to 30% off

Up to 15% off <br> Fruit Juices

Up to 15% off 
Fruit Juices

Up to 20% off<br> Snack Foods

Up to 20% off
Snack Foods

Hair Care and Styling See more

Up to 30% off<br> Shampoos

Up to 30% off

Up to 25% off <br> Conditioners

Up to 25% off 

Up to 30% off<br> Styling Products

Up to 30% off
Styling Products

Up to 30% off<br> Hair Oils

Up to 30% off
Hair Oils

Skincare Products See more

Up to 30% off<br> Face Creams

Up to 30% off
Face Creams

Up to 30% off<br> Lip Care

Up to 30% off
Lip Care

Up to 10% off more <br> Body Lotions

Up to 10% off more 
Body Lotions

Up to 25% off<br> Face Wash & Toners

Up to 25% off
Face Wash & Toners

Household Supplies See more

Up to 25% off<br> Powder Detergents

Up to 25% off
Powder Detergents

Offers on<br> Dishwashing Supplies

Offers on
Dishwashing Supplies

Offers on<br> Household Cleaning

Offers on
Household Cleaning

Up to 15% off <br> Toilet Cleaners

Up to 15% off 
Toilet Cleaners

Health & Personal Care Products See more

Up to 20% off<br> Shaving Care

Up to 20% off
Shaving Care

Up to 15% off <br> Family Nutrition

Up to 15% off 
Family Nutrition

Up to 15% off<br> Feminine Hygiene

Up to 15% off
Feminine Hygiene

Up to 20% off<br> Soaps & Handwashes

Up to 20% off
Soaps & Handwashes

Baby Care Products See more

Up to 35% off<br> Diapers

Up to 35% off

Up to 25% off<br> Baby Wipes

Up to 25% off
Baby Wipes

Up to 30% off <br>Baby Skincare

Up to 30% off 
Baby Skincare

Up to 30% off <br>Baby Bathing Products

Up to 30% off 
Baby Bathing Products

Make-up Products See more

25% off or more <br> Lip Colour

25% off or more 
Lip Colour

Up to 25% off<br> Face Make-up

Up to 25% off
Face Make-up

Up to 30% off<br> Eye Make-up

Up to 30% off
Eye Make-up

Up to 25% off <br> Nail Care

Up to 25% off 
Nail Care

Pet Supplies See more

Up to 15% off<br>Dog Food

Up to 15% off
Dog Food

Up to 25% off<br> Dog Treats

Up to 25% off
Dog Treats

Up to 45% off<br> Pet Supplies

Up to 45% off
Pet Supplies

Up to 35% off<br> Fish Food

Up to 35% off
Fish Food

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