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June 26, 2017

7 Nishchay of Bihar Government

Nitish Kumar chief minister of Bihar declared the setting up of Bihar Vikash Mission to the government for the implementation of 7 Nishchay or seven electron promises.

The chief minister has set a special team which will help the government in the implementation of the scheme or 7- nishchay. Prashant Kishore who is the advisor of Nitish Kumar is the head of this team.

The seven resolves this mission includes the loan facility for the students who are 10th passed. They will be provided loan of Rs 4 Lac on a interest rate of 35.

7 Nishchay of Bihar Vikas Mission (BVM)

Here is the description of the agendas or the sectors in which this mission will work

Road connectivity and solid drainage system 

    Bihar government planned for a huge investment on the road connections.
    Under this agenda every village will be connected to al weather roads.
Continuous electricity

    Under this point of mission the state government will provide the connections to all the users of electricity and will provide the continuous electricity.

Clean drinking water and sanitation

    The state government has planned to connect the 17.9 households to 1.6 urban households to the pipelines in the next 5 years.

Toilet in every home

    The government of Bihar has made this agenda that they will construct 16.5 million toilets in rural areas and 0.75 million toilets in urban areas within the 5 years.

Youth employment and skill development 

    The state government under this mission will provide credit card facilities for the 12th passed students.
    The state government of Bihar will set up employment centers for 25 million youths in all the 38 districts of Bihar for basic computer , language and skill development.

Better access to higher education
    According to this agenda new 5 medical colleges will be constructed along with nursing college.
    One engineering college will be build up in every district of Bihar.

Women empowerment through reservation

    It is the special package of the state government to provide 35% reservation of the women in all government jobs.

The state government of Bihar has started this mission to provide a good infrastructure, human skills agricultural development and women empowerment.

To execute this mission a special team has set up by the state government. The team is made of experts in all the sectors and they will work over this mission in Bihar.

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