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May 03, 2017

World's fastest camera can capture movement of light

 World's fastest camera can capture movement of light

Scientists have developed a super-fast camera that can film at an unprecedented rate of five trillion images per second, fast enough to visualise the movement of light.
A research group at Lund University in Sweden successfully filmed how light travels a distance corresponding to the thickness of a paper. Currently, highspeed cameras film 1,00,000 images per second. The new technology is based on an innovative algorithm, and captures several coded images in one picture. It then sorts them into a video sequence.
The method involves exposing what you are filming to light in the form of laser flashes where each light pulse is given a unique code.The object reflects the light flashes which merge into the single photograph.
The camera could be used to better understand rapid processes. “This does not apply to all processes in nature, but a few, for example, explosions, plasma flashes, turbulent combustion, brain activity in animals and chemical reactions. We are now able to film such extremely short processes,“ said researcher Elias Kristensson.

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