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May 25, 2017

Tribes of jharkhand

  •  India has the largest tribal population in the world. About8.5 crore tribals live over the long corridors of Western,Central and Eastern India. Not only this, India's tribalpopulation constitutes over 8 per cent of World's total tribalpopulation of 100 crores and the highest concentration of them are in the States like Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa,Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Assam.
  • Carved out of Bihar in 2000, many treasures of the relativelynew state of Jharkhand situated in the Chota Nagpur Plateauis still less known to most people. Nature wears her bestclothes in this state. Many rivers like the Damodar,Brahmani, Kharkai and the Subarnarekha, flow gently addingto the natural charm of Jharkhand. It is heaven on earth,where hill streams bubble like a young
  • adivasi‘s laughter.Thestate is endowed with abundant mineral wealth, flora andfauna. Jharkhand has proudly emerged culturally as animportant multi ethnic state.
  •  Jharkhand is primarily a tribal state with a total tribal populationof 70,89,068 which is about 27 per cent of State's entirepopulation of 2.69 crores. The Santhal Tribe of Jharkhandconstitute the main tribal community in State .
  • The tribals of Jharkhand have a long history of customs andcostumes. They have ancient traditions and cultural heritage andlanguages. There is need to preserve and promote thesetraditions before they are extinct from the land of Jharkhand.There are so many noble cultural, social, environmental, andhealth practices among tribes of Jharkhand. The rich culture of Jharkhand is transmitted orally from generation to generation.
  • For example, the culture of preserving forest in SARNA (SacredGrove) is still in practice among Jharkhand tribes, whichpotentially has a greater environment value today but we all areunknown of this culture.

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