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May 21, 2017

Free Online Practice exam for various Exam


Free Online Practice exam for various Exam

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  • Decibel is the unit of :
  • When was the Non-Cooperation Movement suspended?
  • Proximity
  • What is the code for difficult ?
  • The ratio between the present ages of Ram and Rahim is 3 : 2 respectively. Also, the ratio between the present ages of Rahim and Aman is 5 : 2 respectiveily. What is the ratio between the present ages of Ram and Aman respectiveily ?

  • The intensity of an earthquake is measured with a
  • President gives his resignation to the
  • 632 का 25% + 180 का 45% = 125 का ?%
  • The khajuraho shiva temple was built by the
  • He is not the kind of a person / who / takes such a treatment / lying down.
  • How many cylinder a family can take with subsidies
  • Who is fifth to the right of E?
  • Which of the following will be the Third sentence ?
  • How many such consonants are there in the above arrangement which are immediately preceded by a symbol and immediately followed by a vowel ?
  • 16 12 18 40.5 121.5 456.625 ?
  • His boss

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