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April 28, 2017



Thapar University is one of India's oldest and finest educational institutions providing a steady source of highly skilled talent to the nation and overseas Cutting-edge research is at the heart of the university and its sprawling campus has over 100 teaching and research laboratories in engineering and sciences.
The University has embarked on a wide-ranging Contemporarization Program in partnership with Trinity College. Dublin to provide world-class education experiences by incorporating global best practices through delivering a research inspired outcome based exposure to students. The scope of this collaboration covers all major academic, research activities apart from providing state-of-the-art lab and physical infrastructure, faculty training and development, and joint programs.
The University also has strong relationships with other internationally renowned institutions which provides for exposure to world-class development of Teaching Staff.
Being pan of Thapar University will enable you to:
•   Work in close collaboration with world-class global researchers            •   Get financial support lor research
•   Get intense exposure to international universities                               •   Get opportunities and encouragement lor consultancy projects
•   Get extensive pedagogical training and development                          •   Participation in international conferences
Faculty Positions are available In Computer. Civil. Electrical & Instrumentation. Electronics & Communication. Mechanical. Physics & Materials Science. Mathematics. Chemistry & Bio-chemistry. Energy & Environment. Humanities & Social Sciences and Management for candidates from Teaching, Research & Industry.
Compensation and other benefits will not be a limiting factor for deserving candidates. For more details and online application, please visit our website Please apply by 22"* May. 2017. Applications received thereafter will be considered in the next selection rounds.
For any query, plc.isc contact: Oean. Faculty Affairs, Thapar University. 0 dof»@t   'f^ »gi 175 2393914; *91 175 2393882

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