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Rice Group invites application for the positions of

Rice Group invites application for the positions of
Business Executives (Code: BE) • Locations: •   Kofcata. Howrah, Knshnanagar. Berharnpore Jatpaxjun Coochbehar Durgapuf. Assansol EU>b*tyCntena     MBAUMiing).luentnEnghsn.Hndi. Bengal. 24 years of experience n SaiesAtarkeSng. preferably n any educaeonai nsatuto Counsellor (Code: RCJ.
Locations:   Asansol. Coochbehar,Tamk*, A/ambagh, Behata Eligibility Criteria:    Female Graduates, fluent in Engksh. Bengal, rfcx*. 2-3 years of expenence «i student counseang/admtssixi n any educational rebtute
Course Coordinator (Code: CC) • Locations: • Kofcata. Jatpagun
Eligibility Criteria: • Minimum graduate .good cc^rmuncaton sUs, abikty
to coonfcnate between student and faculty, stock keep*g and dtetnfaueon of
study materials, conducting examinations etc
Hostel WardsrvRtsMtnttal (HW) -
Locations:     Knowledge City Campus (Barasat)
EftjMNy Criteria:    Male & Female with 4-6 years of expenence and wth*i
40 years of age, Preference woufcj be given to candidates from educational
Contact Centre Executive<CCE} -
Locations:     Knowledge City Campus (Barasat)
Eligibility Criteria:    Male/female wWilAnimum Graduate w*i 1-3 years of
expenence wonting with contact centre, fluent n Engksh. Hindi. Bengal
Proof Reader (PR) - Locations: • Knowledge City Campus (Barasat) Eligibility Criteria: • Mrwnum Soence Graduate witi 1-3 years cif experience. working Knowledge of Hnd. Engksh. Bengal, preference would be given to candidates from compebtve examoabon beck ground
Remuneration will not be a constraint for the right candidate
interested candidates fulfilling the above criteria may apply within 3 days with updated CV and scanned passport tit»j*i*yv* ir*iwi*«iing relevant code in the subject line to

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