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FTM UNIVERSITYLodhipur Rajput. Delhi Road. Moradabad-244102. UP
University invites applications for the positions of
Professor • Associate Professor • Assistant Professor
in the following areas
  • Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Computer
  • Applications
  • Education
  • English
  • Journalism &
  • MassComm.
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Performing Arts
  • Agriculture
•  Agronomy
•  Horticulture
•  Soil Science &
Agr Kultwe Chem
•  Genetic * Plant
Bmdtag Engineering
•  Computet Science
•  Electronics & Communication
•  Electrical
•  Mechanical
• CM
•  Biotechnology
Unrversitji reserves the right not to M any of the above posibMIS. AppircaiH>n on plain paper containing details of High School, Intermediate, (ifactuation. Post Graduation, Ph 0. alongwrtfi attested photocopies of testmomah / certificates with complete Resume (as per sample resume avadable on Itnwemty website) and two passport stfe photographs should reach the Registrar or email (MtMlMuiiiiiiiityacn)wittwi IS days of the publication c4 this advertisement. On-Campus residences are avaiabk tor desemng candidates
For more details contact-
Telfai:0S91 2160818 Mob.:09411029918. 0983753S666 Email: website: wwwJftmunrvefsityACin
Maths                        <
Zoology                    •
Hotel Management
Library Sciences
Fine Arts

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