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February 01, 2017

Important Questions for BPSC Preliminary


 Important Questions for BPSC Preliminary

    BPSC Preliminary Model GS Question

Bihar Special GK

1. First time president rule in Bihar is imposed in?

Ans- 1968

2. Medicine manufacturing unit in Bihar is located in?

Ans- Hajipur

3. Which city of Bihar is directly linked to Bangkok and Columbo

Ans- Gaya

4. When doordarshan kendra established first time in India?

Ans- 1978

5. Head of Bhagalpur rite enquiry commission?

Ans- Justice AN Singh

6. How many percentage of Bihar population live in rural areas?

Ans- 84.32%

7. Flood affected areas of Bihar is?

Ans- 64.41 lakh hectare

8. Rajendra Krishi vishv vidyalaya is situated in?

Ans- Pusa

9. World AIDS Day?

Ans- 1 December

10. Number of Lok sabha seats in Bihar?

Ans- 40

11. Which temperature reading show same value on Fahrenheit and Celcius scale?

Ans- -40'C

12. Strength of Bihar Legislative Council?

Ans- 75

13. Strength of Bihar Legislative Assembly?

Ans- 243

14. Patna High court is established in?

Ans- 1916

15. Present Cheif Election Commissioner of India?

Ans- Nasim Zaidi

16. Bihar Foundation day is celebrated on?

Ans- 22 March

17. Nalanda University is founded in?

Ans- 2010

18. Nabi Nagar Power Generating Company is a joint Venture of?

Ans- NTPC and Bihar State Power Holding Company Ltd.

19. BIADA stand for?

Ans- Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority

20. Gandhi ji started first Satyagrah from which part of Bihar?

Ans- Champaran

21. Who was the president of Gaya session of Indian National Congress in 1922?

Ans- Chitranjan Das

22. Which is the unique festival of Bihar?

Ans- Chath Puja

23. Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon at?

Ans- Sarnath

24. Who is called the Nepolian of Ancient India?

Ans- Samudra Gupta

25. Number of Districts in Bihar?

Ans- 38


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