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February 17, 2017

Cross-Promotion Content Recommendations by Engageya

Engageya’s cross promotion content recommendations plugin is the best way to expose your blog posts to new, related and highly engaged audience – for free!

Engageya’s WordPress related posts plugin displays related thumbnails or links at the foot of each post. The plugin recommends additional posts on your website as well as posts on other related websites in the network.
For outgoing users that click out of your blog through the plugin – you will receive new related traffic back into your posts.
By doing so, Engageya helps large and small bloggers and publishers drive a new stream of engaged readers into their websites through the highest click-through-rates plugins in the industry.

Develop new audience – drive additional related traffic to your website, for free
Increase user retention and site pageviews – readers stay on your site for a longer period of time
Reduce bounce rate – offer your readers relevant new content from your blog or from the web
Expose your readers to other posts onsite that they might not have otherwise noticed
Add style & color to your website by using our customized related content design layouts

Link between your related posts
Link your posts to other websites’ related posts
Customized plugin in various design layouts
Track and monitor your incoming and outgoing related traffic on

Engageya’s plugin automatically inherits the style of your site.
Additionally, we offer rich display options to help you customize the best look & feel of your pages:

Thumbnails with titles
Various thumbnails sizes
Customize titles’ font color
Images shadow and/or hover effects
Static or slide-in plugins
LinkWithin or nRelate similar styles
Text only with no images
Check our screenshots to view all our display options, in this link:

Engageya’s technology consists of unique semantic analysis that intelligently classifies content pages in real time while using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to find the best available matching content.
Engageya’s cutting-edge technology also performs profiling of the readers to display personalized recommendations based on user behavior analysis & collaborative filtering procedures – therefore, no two users will receive the exact content recommendations on the same page.

The plugin supports related posts in all languages.

Note that it takes the plugin between 2-4 hours until is fully learns your blog and finds the best images for each post.
Just settle back and relax… you will start enjoying related content recommendations as well as new qualified readers through cross-promotion in no time!
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