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January 25, 2017

Make your ATM transaction safe!

Secure your ATM transactions

ATMs are a great convenience and withdrawing cash from an ATM is a quick way to access your money. It is always wise to adopt a safety-conscious approach when making any kind of cash withdrawal to avoid compromising the security of your account.

Follow the safety tips mentioned below to secure your ATM transactions:

  • Memorize your PIN number & do not write it or share it with anyone
  • Check your SMS, account balance and bank statements, and report any discrepancies to your Bank immediately
  • Do not handover your card to any stranger, family member, friend or bank official
  • Do not allow any stranger to assist you while using your ATM
  • Keep safe distance from other people in the queue
  • Always stand close to the ATM machine and use your body and hand to shield the keypad as you enter the PIN
  • Do not leave your transaction slip at the ATM. Shred it before discarding it
  • Press the 'Cancel' key before moving away from the ATM
  • Remember to take your card and transaction slip with you

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