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January 31, 2017

How President Trump could impact your money

  webmaster       January 31, 2017

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Tue, Jan 31, 2017 | 06:47 AM IST
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WHAT'S HOT #sukanya samriddhi yojana calculator, #taking a personal loan,#tax saving,#the how to of investing,#the how to of taxation
How President Trump could impact your money
Donald Trump's presidency is likely to be a mixed bag for Indian markets. While sectors such as IT and auto could suffer, commodities, metals could shine.
Why you need a household budget and how to set spending limits, saving targets
Many people are put off by the word budget because they associate it with restrictions on spending and frugal lifestyles. That's a misconception.
Think that you don't need a household budget? Find out if you are right
Are your high expenses preventing you from saving for critical goals. Take this short test to know if you need to formulate a budget for your household.
From our Partners
Why term insurance is a must have for parents
Some common avenues that a parent invests in for accumulating wealth include PPF, MFs, shares, gold and real estate.
From our Partners
Car insurance versus life insurance: Why one is more important than the other
Car insurance is compulsory but life insurance is more important.
Mistakes that can derail your household budget
Though a budget should give you some elbow room, too much of tweaking can reduce the budget to a hypothetical exercise.
How Trump's presidency will hit Indians' jobs, studies and travel
The impact will be felt beyond markets and investing. It will hit your child's education and career plans and your family's travel.
Why you should not invest on the basis of 1-year returns of turnaround mutual funds
One should not chase returns by taking a concentrated exposure without a long-term orientation. It may well have paid off last year, but is not likely to sustain.
Tempted by high interest instruments in current low rate scenario? These could be risky investments
Very high interest rates are generally offered by obscure companies. But even well-known companies can default on their payments.
From our Partners
Why ULIPs are one of the best tax saving instruments
Saving money aside, smart tax planning is an integral part of sensible financial planning. The average investor enjoys numerous tax-saving options like PFs and PPFs, life insurance plans, ELSS investments, ULIPs and more.
From our Partners
What factors to look at while choosing a suitable online term insurance plan?
Go for an online term insurance plan that offers the widest range of benefits at an affordable price.

Financial Calculators

Tax Impact Calculator
Tax Impact Calculator
This tax calculator will let you know how your tax liability changes post-Budget 2016. Just input your personal income details and know how much tax would now be payable.
Home Loan Refinance
Home Loan Refinance
Should you refinance your home loan?
Use this calculator to find out if it is worthwhile to shift your home loan to another bank? Just enter the data and click next. It's that easy.
9 tips on how to stop postponing and get work done
Procrastination gets in the way of achieving your professional and personal goals and traps you in a vicious cycle of failure and self-hate.
What you can learn from the world's richest about success
Here's a brief compilation of all the vital lessons that an individual can imbibe from the world's eight richest men.
Before investing for Sec 80C tax break, find out how much you really need to put in
Instead of mindlessly investing in tax saving instruments, it's better to check out what deductions you are eligible for.
Stock pick of the week: Why analysts are bullish on Indiabulls Housing Finance
Indiabulls Housing Finance has been able to maintain a high growth because of its focus on the fast-growing affordable housing segment.
DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund: Enjoys superior risk-reward profile
With a 10-year return of 12.01%, the fund has beaten the benchmark (return: 7.99%) and the category (average return: 9.83%) by a good margin.
Looking for an internship? Online startup Internshala can help
Internshala helped 21,000 students secure internships in 2015-16 and has already placed 42,000 students in 2016-17.
Why we are unable to achieve equitable distribution of wealth
The accumulated wealth of capital is mostly exempted from tax, as an incentive for businesses that contribute to economic growth.
Should celebrities be allowed to endorse MFs?
SEBI recently allowed celebrity endorsement of mutual funds, but is it the right approach to prod investors into buying them?
How railway insurance has become a boon for many
The IRCTC travel insurance policy covers accidental injury and death of passengers for free, and can be bought by passengers when booking tickets online.
MF Portfolio Doctor: Shah's need to increase SIPs in existing funds to achieve financial goals
Portfolio Doctor will help you analyse the performance of your mutual funds and their suitability for your financial goals.
Why a term insurance policy is the best life cover option
Term insurance is the most affordable form of insurance, which provides maximum sum assured at lowest possible premium.
How to consolidate multiple demat accounts
Closing a demat account requires the account holder to visit the DP office or branch and submit the requisite form and documents.
Smart things to know about Equity Linked Savings Scheme
The dividends are tax-free and redemption after three years will not attract capital gains tax, as the holding period is over 12 months.
How technology is shaping travel plans, reveals ICICI Lombard study
When it comes to preference, most travellers choose credit cards over debit cards, if this study by ICICI Lombard is anything to go by.
Alternative investment returns monitor: For week ending January 24, 2017
Here's a weekly tracker of returns from such investments, but don't compare these with returns from traditional investments.
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