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September 19, 2016

National Teachers Congress is the 1st mega event for teachers in pune organized by MIT Kothrud Pune


The National Teachers' Congress (NTC) has been conceptualized with an objective to inspire teachers of Higher Education (ander-graduate and post-graduate colleges) from across the nation. Through extensive deliberations and dialogues of 3 days, we aim to ignite the spirit of over 8,000 teachers every year so that they continue to look beyond the commercial temptations for creating deeper and wider impact on the society through this noble profession. As Prof. Anil Kakodkar, president NTC has quoted - "As we are fast moving towards the knowledge Era, we are sure that NTC will benefit all the important stakeholders of Education Process including Students, Teachers, Parents, Industry, Law Makers and Society at large."

Great teachers help to create great minds. India has a long tradition of knowledge creation and highlighting cultural, humanitaria n values. Teachers have always played crucial role in motivating students to contribute to shaping the ideals of the nation and to contribute to its development. India also has a long and rich tradition of bonding between teacher and disciple. It is the innate nature of our country to churn out one success story after other of the Guru Shishya Parampara from all walks and streams of life. The National Teachers' Congress contribute in cultivating this tradition by inspiring teachers and great disciples by offering exchange of ideas and thoughts. 

The Congress will provide a common platform for the teachers to understand the national issues and create awareness, which would prove beneficial to the country. The invited speakers will be the experts from socio-economic field, art, music, history, literature, science & technology and sports. 

In the first phase, we will be inviting nominati ons largely from the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, before expanding our canvas on a national scale from the next year.

To build a pool of inspired and committed teaching fraternity who will not just impart knowledge but also use the power of education for producing and nurturing the citizens who can remain faithful to the values and ideals of a modern India and sensitive to the physical and moral welfare of society and humanity.

To bring dynamism, creativity and visionary outlook in the teachers by facilitating the exchange and dissemination ideas and best practices through interaction with peers and thought leaders of all walks of life.

Visit http://www.nationalteacherscongres

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