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November 05, 2012

ONGC written exam held on 04/11/2012 Discussion Forum

ONGC taken an examination for Graduate Trainee for various trades Geology : 50 Posts, Geo Physics (Surface) :30 Posts,  Geo Physics (Wells) :24 Posts, Chemistry :60 Posts, Reservoir :47 Posts, Programming :21 Posts, Production: 220 Posts, Drilling:110 Posts, Cementing : 20 Posts,  Mechanical : 60 Posts, Electrical :40 Posts,  E & T:45 Posts,  Instrumentation: 30 Posts, Transport :11 Posts,  Civil : 15 Posts,  Finance and Accounts:34 Posts,  HR : 25 Posts,  MM :31 Posts,  Medical : 07 Posts,  Security :09 Post o 04/11/2012.
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  1. ongc exam held on 4th nov 2012 for mechanical engg was with very typical questions in comparison to previous year. some question of mech. are as follow.
    1. regarding contact ratio
    2. condenser vacuum calcutation
    3. ozone friendly refrigerant
    4. grinding wheel diameter effect on machining finess or coarseness
    5. calculate cop of refrig
    6. check possibility of heat engine

  2. 7.question for calculate force due impact of jet on plate
    9. one quest on critical radioua of cylinder cable and refrig/condensr
    10 gas turbine works on which cycle
    11. to avoid interference pressure angle should +/-
    12. one ques on manometer
    13. natural frequency find when damping factor given

  3. 14. carburising flame for low carbon steel/cu
    15.efficiency of reheat and regenertion cycle
    16. curtis turbine pressure/velocity compounded
    17.specific speed of turbine numericl
    18.axial flow turbine, pelton
    19. torsion shaft design on which therory
    20.acceleration of potential flow when velo vector given
    21. check type of flow when given u, v componet of velo

  4. plz discuss gk n computer science ques.

  5. who has taken the olympic torch in the closing ceremony of the olympic 2012?-

    1. but the question was something else in exam, not this one.

  6. GK part was a lit bit tough,rest of the paper was ok.

  7. when will be the result declared ?

  8. dear friends please do let me know when will be the results of ongc gt-2012 exam results and please mail me to

  9. 2.which state below not include in the 7sisters states in southeast india?
    3.Which is below is good cholestrol?
    4.Which city situated in two continents?
    5.Who was select as the emerging cricketer of 2012?
    Sunil narene

    1. Sikkim is a part of Northeast India not Southeast India

  10. 16th summit of inallign movement has been done in Iran
    Who was India’s flag bearer at the closing ceremony of 2012 London Olympics? mary kom
    CAG DUTIES AND POWER.....ART 149,150
    SC WRIT POWER....32

    mary com,lignite,copper sulphate,hydrofloric acid,left artery,gunmetal,insulin,typhoid,50-50,mnrega,b r ambedkar,v s naipoul,sunil narane,iran, argentina,istambul,
    khaira desease- zinc,sikkim,bmi-square root of height

  11. visit the link u will find GK question and ECE PAPER


  13. please tell me the date of declaration of results

  14. result may expected in first weak of dec

    1. thank you, once declared, please mail me at

  15. result may expected in first weak of dec

  16. GK...paper
    1. VATAPI/ Chalukyas
    2. Khaira......zinc
    3. Seven sisters odd man out....sikkim
    4. Blue vitriol......CuSo4
    5. Fastin before sugar test.....Glucose
    6. GSAT 10 was not launched on should me ARIANE-5
    7. Death by poison was related to HAMLET
    8. Supreme Court and Writ related was ARTICLE 32
    9. For President it was 50 proposers and 50 seconders
    10. Election of Vice President can be challenged in ....SUPREME COURT
    11. A PORT relatd matching ...PARADIP IN ORISSA, KANDLA IN GUJ...
    12. AGUADA FORT in GOA,,,,,
    13. NAGARJUNA SAGAR DAM in CAUVERY was wrong statement
    14. Sierra leone doesn't mean "LION"
    15. A CHEMICAL COMPOSITON OF ALLOY WAS given...whose answer is GUN all the other options had only two components....Gun metal was the remaining one
    16. TAGORE's gitanjali inspired...KEATS
    17. 1st April 2005 ..related to RAJIV GANDHI SRAMIK ROJGAR YOJNA...for the ones those who claim MNREGA..they are started from Feb 6, 2006
    18. CANTEBURY TALES was not an epic
    19. NAM 2012 was held in IRAN
    20. ISTANBUL lies on both EUROPE and ASIA
    21. World's largets producer of Uranium was KAZAKHSTAN
    22. Cape Comorin has a largets content of ZICRON in their soil...and not lignite or any of the other options
    guys....there were questions on cricket and perhaps the worst possible question on olympics 2012....which I couldn't answer....
    1. flag bearer at closing ceremony....MARY KOM...(I follow HINDU n PRATIYOGITA DARPAN, it was out of my knowledge)
    2. emerging player of the year in ICC 2012
    ALTHOUGH I AM REGULAR FOLLOWER OF SPORTS , BUT I COULDN'T DO A BIT WITH THESE QUESTIONS....guys please take a note...PSU's know sports relatd to INDIA or the biggest name of other major sports only....for SOCCER FANS or F1 or NBA or Tennis fans... don't expect a question on CHELSEA FC's new manager/ Ferrari's background/Jordan's Chicago/Bryan brothers of tennis.. i don't think knowing the name of SUNIL NARINE of West Indies is of any interest to any of us.....

  17. when is the result??? plz let me know at

  18. when ongc gt2012 written exam result may come??

  19. when is ONGC result, pls tell if u know

  20. when ongc gt2012 written exam result may come??plz tell me on my email id

  21. Benn waiting for the results of the ONGC GT exams.... no updates even on website of the company.... it's 2nd week of dec already....
    Pls anyone comes to know the date or result.... let me know at ""

  22. result may be declared dec last or jan first week............then

  23. when result vud b declared...????
    will result b informed to us on our respected email id's...or on some particular websites..???

    if any one has an idea.. plss share.

  24. The results are out and you can check it out here...

  25. when ongc 2012 written would be come plz tell me on dis

  26. please share onthis

  27. 4 nov 2012 .ka ongc result kab declared hoga .
    plz tell me.
    my mail id-

  28. please tell me once ONGC result held on nov-4th-2012. Please mail me

  29. hello... please tell what kind of paper comes for mechanical engg.. is it numericacl solving or whole theory based.... ??


  30. please recommend textbooks for technical section questions in mechanical engineering